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Behind the Scenes

Hello and welcome to Cara Bourn. Our mission is to keep things naturally simple and create products just like nature intended. Our candles have captivating scents, beautiful minimalist design and are made by hand with natural eco-friendly ingredients. Our luxury home fragrances, are inspired by special memories and experiences infused with our love of travel and nature.

Based on the beautiful Northern beaches of Sydney, Australia, each candle is wicked, poured and labelled by hand in small batches. Our candles are made from pure soy wax for an eco-friendly clean burn, centered with wood wicks that crackle as they burn and are infused with Australian made premium fragrance oils.

Our soy candles are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic.

Our Story: About Us


Hello, I am Cara Bourn and welcome to my business! I began my journey as a candle maker back in 2014, with a simple desire for a new hobby that would satisfy my creative outlet and combine my love of traveling and the great outdoors.

Having worked in the media corporate world for many years, I was looking for a new passion! I tried several new skills, like photography, cooking and jewellery design, but it was candle making that I fell in love with.

Our Story: About Us


What started out as a simple hobby soon became a strong passion of mine. My kitchen became a candle lab, and friends and family regularly received candles as gifts. I then started selling my hand poured candles at artisan markets across Sydney and in local stores.

With my corporate background in research and analytics it became important to me to find out everything I could about candle making and how to make the perfect, most natural candle. Lots of experimentation, frustration and hard work followed, as I embarked on the journey to master the art of candle making. I began researching candle making techniques, quality control and ingredients eventually working out a formula that would give me a perfect scented candle.

Cara Bourn was finally Bourn!

My first range is inspired by my ultimate favourite place, Hawaii, a land comparable to nowhere. This range is influenced by the fragrant flowers, rugged coastline, soft trade winds and the tropical beauty of the islands.

Every Cara Bourn candle is wicked, poured and labelled by hand, with a clear goal in mind, to stimulate a memory of a particular place or experience. Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy our current product range.

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Love Cara xx

Our Story: About Us
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